Saving the environment

The commitment of Istituto Ganassini towards the Earth is intended by preserving its bounty and beauty for the present and future generations, with the purpose of transmitting them the values ​​and traditions that support the long-term development of human and environmental communities.
Each phase of business activity is preventive towards the environment and its biodiversity and business initiatives are aimed at increasing the pool of knowledge about the environmental responsibility.
The choice of raw materials, productive modality and distribution of the products live in full respect and harmony with the environment.
This commitment is expressed through the realization of the following actions:

  • Reduction in the energy consumption
  • Rational use of water and energy resources
  • Reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and a consequent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
The development of integrated initiatives within the territory is aimed at implementing and achieving of an eco-friendly synergy, as well as with the establishment of positive relationships with national and local communities.