The cutting-edge technology of the Research Laboratories together with a close-knitted team of researchers, who takes care from the formulation to quality control of the product, are the heart of Istituto Ganassini, from which everything originated.
Since always, Istituto Ganassini has primarily invested in the Research activities, to precisely find the problems that the skin faces and to look for the formulas and principal ingredients able to solve it.
In addition, each product follows the strict procedures of Ganassini Quality Control Center, with specific tests on each single component and then on the various stages of production to the finished product, with sample test in terms of both pharmacological and clinical profile. Among the special controls, the revolutionary one is related to 5 metals of risk allergenicity (Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Palladium, Mercury), test realizable thanks to the absorption spectrophotometer, futuristic and precise equipment.

Research and Development

Istituto Ganassini invests numerous resources in the Research activities, conducted in its Biochemical Research Laboratories, to offer maximum cutting-edge technology to its products.
Studies done on the products are constantly updated by an extensive network of leading scientists from the field of molecular and cellular biology, chemistry, biochemistry and medicine.
The participation of researchers at the most important medical conferences, together with the realization of partnerships with leading academic and medical institutions, combined with continuous commitment to innovation of the formulations, have conferred prestige and international recognition to the business actions.


The base of innovation is represented by the will to develop, through the application of technical and scientific knowledge, products with a strong and exclusive USP (Unique Selling Proposition) able to create new categories of merchandise, suitable to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumers.
Innovation, the primary font of competitive advantage, arises with the way of thinking and acting in a different way, in respect to its competitors, surpassing the established patterns, not only in the product, but also in packaging. Distinctive elements lies in the processing of the raw materials, in the distribution, in the productive process and in the communication.
If the products stand out thanks its excellent quality and if the consumers reward us with their judgment, then the innovation and research towards the continuous improvement will be possible thanks to the daily commitment and the passion of our people.