Corporate Strategy

Committed to Growth

The long term strategy of Istituto Ganassini aims to reach high level of sustainability with a logic of profitable growth.
The company commits to increase the innovation in all its business activities; particular attention is given to the integration and the bond among the customer insight and business activities.
This operating mode allows to elevate standards of efficiency and achieve higher performance.


The commitment of Istituto Ganassini has always concentrated on products which is the expression of passion for excellence and trust.
“Passion for research and deep biochemical knowledge”, with few words Professor Domenico Ganassini has allowed to breathe the spirit of an activity with 80 years of history.
Since then the business actions has always been a synonym of quality and safety in pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic field.
The innovative approach of internal Biochemical Research Laboratories, trust, and ethical methodology of the Group, has always represented a point of reference for the Italian and international scientific research.
The excellence of result and concreteness of values of Istituto Ganassini are imprinting its action capable of ensuring solutions, beauty and wellness for the skin.
The quality and safety of the products are constantly controlled, optimized and is an object of continual innovation through important investments in the Research and Development activities and also in the continuous improvement of the business operative system.
To obtain maximum satisfaction of the consumers, improving activities and innovation, involves the entire production chain: from raw materials of the production process to the packaging and distribution, from point of sale to the final consumer.
It is important to guarantee an internal procedure system, constantly revised, updated and guaranteed by Certificates of independent external bodies.
All the employees receive an adequate formation on the procedures of quality, hygiene and safety.