Code of Ethics

Dear Stakeholders,

I am talking about pride because I think that this word contains the values, the commitment and the responsibility that have been written in the DNA of our company since its foundation.

Our unified and homogeneous corporate community carries in its heart this intellectual wealth, that is characterized by fairness and transparency of conduct.

The choice to consolidate this natural heritage in a set of rules gives us an important opportunity: the chance to stress that ethics is the basis of our work.

And this is the most important thing, as it has been since my grandfather founded the company.

Ethics is the basis of the respect for other people: consumers first of all, customers, suppliers, all other stakeholders and us, beating heart of our company, without which this heritage of shared beauty could not exist.

Our mission, that means passion for innovation and quality in our work, is based on ethics: from the research to development, from the quality control to the final product that we offer to millions of customers. We want them to appreciate our products in full awareness.

Ethics and the social and environmental sustainability are the white paper of our company, because they express the soul, the commitment and the responsibility that the staff and executives of Istituto Ganassini have every day in order to make the reputation of our company.

The sharing of these heartfelt corporate principles leads us to clearly face the ethic choices that arise in everyday reality.

I Invite all of us to read, to embody and to convey this document with the spirit of love for well done things that has always characterized our company.

Istituto Ganassini needs that everybody sets a good example with a view to a better future.

Your Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Code of Ethics