Business Ethic

Using the philosophical terms of Immanuel Kant, “ethical” can be defined as the behavior of those who work guided by his own proper reasons and not for the fear of punishment and the hope for opportunistic rewards: “act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of another, always at the same time as an end and never simply as a means”.
When the reflection of the ethics moves from acting individually to a wider organizational and business environment, the concept of individual responsibility and awareness is inevitably linked to that of "Corporate Social Responsibility".
For Istituto Ganassini ,Corporate Social Responsibility is expressed in the ability to integrate its business activities with respect and protection of all its stakeholders with whom it interacts, demonstrating active commitment in activities of saving environmental resources and their conservation for the future generation.
In other words the aim is to pursue its business properties considering the respect on both the living beings and the unanimated things, as the final goal of its action and not as a means of profit.
All this signifies to carry out its activity in a good and dignified way, respecting the rules, but over all inspiring itself to the common principles and the values shared, which are based on morals and not on obedience. The ethical action pursued by the company is the rational incentive in understanding not only what is right to do, but also "why" it is necessary to do so.
The primary objective to ensure ethical evaluations are taken into consideration, in both deciding their own behavior and in evaluating those of others, in this way joining moral and managerial individual responsibilities to those of the Company and the professional sphere to that of the organization: i.e translate the argument into a concrete ethical action.
The personal behavior which constitutes the organization, beginning from those who has the greater responsibility and authority , shapes and confirms the image.
Thus exists a direct relation between respecting rules, authority, trust and success of the business.