Experience, history, security or - more simply - excellence.

A story that began in 1870, the fruit of Professor Domenico Ganassini’s mad love for chemical and biochemical studies and research. Today, this story continues with the fourth generation of the family.

Tradition, experience, and ethics have enabled us to become a leading multinational group in the dermocosmetics sector. For years, doctors and pharmacists have recognised our work for its reliability and assured results, while millions of consumers worldwide rely on our brands, because they know that, with our products, their skin can be beautiful at any age.

Today, the Group has 16 brands, 7 direct subsidiaries, and a presence in over 90 countries worldwide.

A story of science, then, but also of successful, innovative, creative, and quality-driven Italian entrepreneurship.

Domenico Ganassini di Camerati
Chairman of Istituto di Ricerche Biochimiche Ganassini

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A story with deep roots

ganassini foto storica 1870


The history of Ganassini Group began thanks to Professor Domenico Ganassini di Camerati’s passion for chemical and biochemical research, which always drove his work. His ambition was to revolutionise the field and methods of research in dermocosmetics, hence the name Istituto Ganassini di Ricerche Biochimiche

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Istituto Ganassini becomes a reality

Domenico Ganassini di Camerati, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pavia, founded the Ganassini Institute of Biochemical Research in Milan.

vitamindermina foto storica 1938

The birth of our products

Creation of Vitamindermina, Istituto Ganassini’s first product line that is specifically formulated to treat irritation caused by chafing. After almost a century of success, Vitamindermina is still on the market.

bulbocapillina 1960

Expertise and tradition

Acquisition of Farmagan, a company based in San Marino that has been studying the health and beauty of hair and scalp since 1935. Farmagan’s expertise in this field, together with Ganassini’s tradition, has enabled it to offer consumers a new range of top-quality products.

rilastil dermosolare 1972

Science in beauty

Just two years after joining the company, the current chairman of Ganassini Group and grandson of its founder, Dr Domenico Ganassini di Camerati, founded Rilastil brand. For the first time, the knowledge and methods of the pharmaceutical industry were applied to taking care of the skin’s beauty. Thus was born Rilastil Smagliature, the first product of the famous brand. In 2022, Rilastil turned 50 years old.

cosmetica sostenibile ganassini 1990

Sustainable cosmetics

Foundation of Bioclin, an innovative brand in the dermocosmetics scene that aims to create new and effective synergies between scientific technology, nature, and personal care. The brand’s mission is to create sustainable cosmetics that integrate research and environmental protection.

dermofarm ganassini 2009

Innovative formulations

Acquisition of Dermofarm, Spain’s leading pharmaceutical laboratory that specialized in research and innovation in the skin care field. Dermofarm joins Ganassini Group in the development of innovative formulations.

immagine prodotti korff

Unique textures, fragrances, and colours

Acquisition of Korff brand, a company founded in Italy in 1970 which, thanks to its high-quality products, immediately established itself as a cosmetics brand of reference in pharmacies. Korff creates innovative scientific solutions with unique textures, fragrances, and colours for beautiful, healthy skin.

compagnie de provence crema

Design and sensoriality

Acquisition of Compagnie de Provence, a French maison de la beauté. Based in Marseille, it develops a range of bath products that offer a modern take on Marseille soaps using iconic packaging.

GSR bilancio di sostenibilità

The first Sustainability Report

The first Ganassini Institute Sustainability Report is published with the aim of communicating the company’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability to the outside world.

the organic pharmacy rose facial spritz

Exclusive synergies and innovation

Acquisition of The Organic Pharmacy, a London-based cosmetics company that combines organic ingredients with high-tech techniques. From an initial flagship store in London’s Kings Road, the company has enjoyed rapid international success, with a presence in over 36 countries to date.

ganassini corporate asia

The Group expands

The Group expands and establishes Ganassini Corporate Asia, based in Shanghai. The new subsidiary enables the Milan-based company to get closer to the Asian market and meet the specific needs of its consumers.

ganassini società benefit

Planet, community, and people

Istituto Ganassini becomes a Benefit Corporation and enters into a partnership with ALTIS to pursue a more sustainable business model capable of generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

nuovo hub ganassini

Ambition and new horizons

The Group invests in a new innovative production and logistics hub with a low environmental impact.

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Our values

Six values represent the way we see the world and have always inspired our work. These values have been the winning formula of all our products since 1935.

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guides our work

Italian made, international oriented

Our journey began in Milan, Italy, where we developed the know-how that sets us apart. From the very beginning, however, we have looked beyond national borders with determination and ambition.

Distribution in 90+ countries

7 Subsidiaries

Ganassini Corporate USA

New York - USA Offices

The Organic Pharmacy

Londra - Inghilterra Offices, Production & Warehousing

Compagnie de Provence

Marsiglia - Francia Offices

Istituto Ganassini S.p.A di Ricerche Biochimiche

Milano - Italy Headquarter, Production & Warehousing


Lisbona - Portogallo Offices


Barcellona - Spagna Offices, Production & Warehousing

Ganassini Corporate Asia

Shanghai - Cina Offices


San Marino Production & Warehousing

Our performance

“2021 was a year of growth for our Group. Commitment and resilience have enabled us to cope with the difficulties caused by the pandemic and to continue to grow following the trend of previous years. This has made it possible for us to lay an even more solid foundation for our future and open the door to important investments”.

Emilio Radaelli
Group Financial Director

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