Since last eighty years, Istituto Ganassini has been converting all its energy and its scientific know-how in the formulation and production of the innovative dermo-cosmetics products. All its resources of advanced research and competence are used in favor of well-being of the men, women and children from all over the world, with respect to their diversities.
The productive reality sealed Ganassini was born along with its foundation in 1935. Honesty, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsibility are the values, fruits of a strong and well-known cultural identity with which this business is identified. This identity, born along the business style of the founder, has been gradually reinforced in 80 years of traditions, experiences and behaviors, becoming one of the fundamental resources of the company. Today ,the business growth in continuous and rapid evolution has generated the needs to expand its dimensions in the productive reality, always relying on the single internal business branch, and without depending on knowledge of external societies. Considering this, Istituto Ganassini carries out all the production procedures internally. With tangible and non-tangible resources the primary goods and resources are transformed into finished products, as the value added capable in satisfying the demand and supply of the final consumers along with their distribution in the market.
In 1982, to resolve the needs of a rapid growth, Istituto Ganassini with the effective and synergic mixture of technology and innovation founded the factory Bioclin: a head-quarter where the production action concentrates and which provides a very high added value to the .

The Italian production with highly qualified and specialized manpower guarantees the efficiency and quality of the products: a strategic plus which places the company in the constant valorization and defense both of the patriotic know-how and of the professional resources of national territory.
Each product exhibits the pride of being Italian: from the beginning of the formula, to the packaging and storing of the finished product.
The product system branded Bioclin is integrated at an international level and is supported by a central production planning.
This productive system uses a most efficient and advanced structure in the industry.
The productive center of San Giuliano Milanese today is an expression full of values and of industrial, social and environmental principles of Istituto Ganassini. Of particular relevance are the outstanding qualities, fruit of innovation and control in the production, commitment to ensure safety in the workplace, protection of the natural resources, right use of the raw materials and energy saving.
To ensure the achievement of these objectives there is an articulated structure in different operative steps:

  • Raw materials preparation. This function involves the initial activity of the development of the cosmetic formula: from the collection of the raw materials to their weighing until arriving at the realization of the base of the formula.
  • Production. This unit occupies of optimizing the cosmetic formula of the product with most advanced machineries.To guarantee the integrity, safety and full efficacy of the formula, the department is equipped with air flow controlled mantle.
  • Filling. The modern filling machines, equipped with electronic scales and an advanced optical control system, ensures execution in speed and quality of the finished work.
  • Packaging. This unit is made up of different automated production lines, whose latest machineries guarantees excellent technical performance and the optimization of the production time.
  • Codification. The packaging system ends with the electronic coding of the packed neck. Each package has a label; a real identity card combined with each production batch: essential information to meet the need of tracking and tracing of goods.

Dynamic and ever-expanding reality, always attentive to the continuous updates in the needs of dermo-cosmetic sector: an highly qualified organ, having the equipments performing at high level, guarantees the implementation and full concretization of management and qualitative organization in full conformity to the pre-established standards. Today, as in the past the attention to quality and safety of the products is guaranteed by know-how, its competence and the internal resources used to define new performing objectives of the future.
A constant commitment in the pursuit of the continuous improvement, through the careful listening of its consumers. The pursuit of production efficiency leads the production named Bioclin since its foundation, towards the realization of the total centralization of the entire productive process in a single location. The aim is to guarantee high qualitative standards and experiment with new organizing systems which are able to improve the production activity. Since its foundation, the current President Domenico Ganassini Di Camerati has been adopting the strategic decision of realizing all the production process in a single manufacturing plant.
The far-sighted belief are two: on one hand acquiring externally does not encourage the experimentation of new techniques and productive technology, and on the other hand he believes that only with the control on all the process of production it is possible to maintain a constant high quality in the realization of final product.
In the manufacturing site of San Giuliano Milanese, the respect for the environment goes along with the attention to the safety at the working place and health of the employees: all the initiatives used are focused on the objective to improve the culture and safety on work.
The most fascinating challenge for our company is the ability to continuously improve in all our activities. What is at stake is the sustainability of our growth and future.