Ethical Principles

Istituto Ganassini di Ricerche Biochimiche, a group guided by generations of the same family, has a strong identity which has always been based on human and professional style made of correct behavior and balance between the people and company interests.

The values of Istituto Ganassini are as follows:

  • IntegrityIstituto Ganassini is a reality where correctness, honesty, equality and the impartiality of the behaviors inside and outside of the company constitutes a common way to feel and act. In the process of sharing these principles, the durable relations are built with the clients and suppliers, fair and appropriate recognition of the works of the employees and collaborators and a general transparency in the relation with the third parties.
  • Transparency.Istituto Ganassini commits to furnish to all of its interlocutor in a clear, complete and opportune way the relative information of the actions conducted on all company levels. Being transparent means adopting management tools open to dialogue with proper interlocutor, with the objective to meet the information and knowledge of economic, social and environmental impact of the business activities.
  • Coherence. being coherence means committing to concretize in each action: missions, values and principles of the business functioning. There are considered as a fundamental basis of the strategic planning, objectives and operational management.
  • Efficiency. Istituto Ganssini commits in rapidly following the fixed aims by introducing the inspiring action optimizing principal in each single activity. This model is applied in the management of the human resources, finance resource and in the productive technology used.
  • Continuous innovation and improvement.Continuous innovation and improvement. fundamental importance is to introduce, in all the organizing levels, the aspects of a “utile and possible” innovation in a technological, organizing, management and process key. The primary importance is to react daily for the maintenance and the concrete improvement of our activity, sustaining and promoting the attitude towards progress.
  • Involvement and valorization of the experience combines to the development skills of all the employees. Istituto Ganassini commits in promoting the cooperation and exchange of knowledge as work is a font of satisfaction and pride, besides being a relevant factor for the company success and all its employee.
  • Respect to the laws, codes and regulations. Istituto Ganassini considers compliance to the national and international regulations as a binding and essential condition of their act. It also commits, attentively to the careful work of prevention of illicit consummation, to comply with these regulations and the generally recognized practices. Also, draws its decisions and behaviors to the possible evolution in the regulatory framework.