Relation with the stakeholders, at all levels must be based on the principles and behaviors of absolute fairness, collaboration, loyalty and mutual respect.
People considered as stakeholders are: employees, collaborators, competitors, public administration, consumers, local community and mass-media.


The first attention of the company has always been to people who are part of it and who had merits in transmitting its core values and in creating a strong bond with its main interlocutors: doctors, pharmacists and consumers.
The efficient and stimulating working environment inside the company, where the quality business culture is the primary value in choosing the managers and the staff, has allowed during years Istituto Ganassini to win the ongoing challenges even in the international markets.
Working in Ganassini involves a commitment to establish a relation of trust with own colleagues and in general with all the interlocutors.
The essential importance is to commit oneself with loyalty and efficiency to reach its business objectives with proper actions and responsibilities.
A well prepared and extensive commercial network, formed by highly selected physicians and sellers among the most qualified sellers, in the Italy and abroad, has actively contributed to spread the business values. Istituto Ganassini recognizes a fundamental value in the cultural and talent diversity and wants to attract and elevate professionals with the talent of leadership, passion for the dermo-cosmetic products and the intellectual curiosity.
Coherence, respect and transparency guide each decision and behavior, in a reciprocal context of trust and inter-dependence.

Safe working environment

Istituto Ganassini commits itself in promoting and strengthening a culture of safety by developing risk awareness and promoting responsible behaviors by all collaborators. it is also constantly working to preserve, with preventive actions, health and safety of the employees through the elevation of standard reference.
All the collaborators are called to respect the norms and procedures for the protection of their safety and that of the colleagues, for the use of personal protective equipments and to promptly report your Supervisor of any necessity and anomaly.

Health and safety at work

Promoting the culture of the health and safety at the working place, Istituto Ganassini considers the employees and human resources as the most important company asset.
Particular commitment and attention is dedicated to maintain the environment and working positions safe for all the employees.
In strict compliance with the accident prevention regulation, at both national and community level , Istituto Ganassini works to prevent injuries and personal diseases, adopting management and safety systems which focuses on prevention, introducing awareness on the safety at work on all company level.
The employees are furnished with: general and specific formation and information and other various supports which allow to work in a healthy and safety conditions implementing the relative culture.
Particular attention is dedicated to promote the development and the implementation of the implants for the careful management of eventual residual risks.
Istituto Ganassini monitors all the aspects of its activities with which it operates; machines, processes, systems and the working methods are continuously improved to optimize the performance for safety and accident prevention. In addition, a close and strict observance of safety measures is provided to third parties working in the corporate structures and ensure that those who enter have a correct information on safety and are properly equipped to safely perform their duties inside the working areas.


Competitors are stimulators and a positive challenge for improvement.
Istituto Ganassini is animated by a strong and a correct competitive spirit,aimed towards a continuous improvement in what it does.


Consumers, who along with time have developed new tastes and needs, represent the center of the attention and the historical passion which animates Istituto Ganassini.
The company has been able to keep the passion and commitment alive for the satisfaction of the consumer, through a high-quality product, in a constant research for balance between the achievement of profit and protection of stakeholders with whom it communicates.
The winning strategy is that of creating products which satisfies the needs of the consumers, anticipating the change in tastes, favoring and orienting, suggesting with time the healthy and rational needs.
Essential quality both for the consumer and for Istituto Ganassini is the satisfaction of their needs in an unique experience.


Istituto Ganassini listens in an organic and structural way, providing suitable means and methods, for all its consumers.
The distinctive values of this activity is the commitment and the passion to offer its client timely and with comprehensive answers, using care, courtesy and help.

Informing consumer

The company has the duty to ensure the necessary conditions so that its products and their activities are correctly understood and communicated to its consumers.
This activity of information and communication in the matter of production and consumption of the product, being deeply bonded to the cultural identity of single individuals, must move with full respect to various habits and different values shared.
It is thus necessary to consider the buyers as real interlocutors, and not as simple “consumers” but as “persons” who has the right to receive all the correct and essential informations, necessary to be well aware of their choice during the moment of buying.
The communication of Istituto Ganassini will always respect its client with all its articulated system of the physical, physiological, cultural and affective needs.
The market logic must never obstruct the full informative transparency related to the content and the correct use of the product.
For this purpose Istituto Ganassini furnishes transparent, exhaustive, comprehensible and accessible informations in order to ensure all its consumers tranquility and awareness in the consumption.