The company at a glance

Experience, history, safety or simply the excellence

"In our family company each new reference is created in a particular way: through the involvement of everyone."

Research with scientific processes from which the new Ganassini products are formulated have fascinated many of us. In our Research Center each new project is a fruit of decision of a refined èquipe with our family in the middle: this has been going on from last four generations.
Our determination in maintaining our traditional savoir-faire alive is well-known.
Also, the use of the cutting-edge technology is a very important factor for us to reach the perfection both on the technical and the aesthetic level.
The result is a product of a perfect equilibrium: experience, high tech, safety or simply the excellence.
This particular combination, which is our fame and respect, is crowned with the Seal Ganassini, brand able to certify the quality of the product.
Analysis, pharmaceutical experience and scientific safety: these are the bases which support the success of Istituto Ganassini.
The pharmaceutical experience of the Laboratories of the Ganassini Group, the study of innovative and revolutionary formulation, together with the use of 180 efficient principal ingredients at high concentration, are the principal factors which makes Ganassini the best solution to the dermatological and aesthetic needs of the skin. The constant commitment in the advanced Research, inherited by its pharmaceutical roots, is the integral part of the past and of the present of Istituto Ganassini.
Ganassini Laboratories of Biochemical Research look into the future and apply the potentiality of their expertise to cosmetics, obtaining innovative products which are cutting-edge of dermatological technology applied to the skin.From years doctors and pharmacists have recognized the company actions for the reliability and certainty of a secure result, while millions of consumers in Italy and all over the world trust on the brand, as they are aware of the fact that with our products the skin can be beautiful at any age.
Timeless quality which witness our passion for Research: a passion transmitted from generation to generation in my family.

Domenico Ganassini di Camerati