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Rilastil is an established brand in the Italian market

Rilastil was founded in 1972 with the goal of bringing the qualities of a pharmaceutical company to the cosmetic industry, ensuring consumer well-being and safety. The mission of Rilastil has always been to provide effective solutions to the real needs of the skin, to improve its health.
The success of the brand was made possible by the perfect fusion of cutting-edge active ingredient research and dermatological safety of every raw material and finished product. The Rilastil research laboratories work with passion to formulate and produce safe, effective, and high-quality solutions capable of meeting all dermatological needs.

Rilastil offers a wide range of products for treating skin needs, including the most sensitive, providing safe and tested solutions for even the most complex needs such as acne, skin sagging, loss of elasticity, and fragile and reactive skin.

With a strong presence on the Italian market and distribution in over 90 countries, Rilastil is today a reference point for consumers, doctors, and pharmacists on an international scale.

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Quality is guaranteed by the creative and formulation efforts of our Scientific Laboratories and the on-going research for excellence in formulating and producing

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